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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to a Data Roam Pass?
To subscribe dial *100#, go to 'International Roaming', choose a 'Country' and select 'Buy Daily Pass'.

How will I keep track of my pass usage & Expiry?
A 80% & 100% quota expiry SMS notification will be sent to you once you reached your daily fair usage; along with this we will also send a Time based SMS notification one hour prior to your pass expiry and upon pass expiry. 

Alternatively, you can dial *100#, select 'International Roaming', select and choose 'Check Status' to check your pass validity.

What is a Social Pass?
The “Social Pass” is a Roaming Mobile Internet pass that allows subscribers to have Unlimited Internet browsing on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp with FREE quota to browse other sites e.g. 50MB for 1Day Pass & 200MB for 3Days Pass.

Types of Passes:

  • 1 Day Social Pass – RM10/day with FREE 50MB
  • 3 Days Social Pass – RM20/3days with FREE 200MB

Click here to read full terms and conditions.