Read about the updates to the FREE 1GB offer

Read about the updates to the FREE 1GB offer


Our updated General Terms & Conditions of Services is effective from 20 December 2020. Refer to

Our updated GTC, effective from 20 December 2020, Refer


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I subscribe to a Data Roam Pass?
You just need turn on data roaming and use to auto subscribe to Data Roam Pass.
Alternatively, you may manually subscribe by dialing *100#, go to 'International Roaming', choose a 'Country' and select 'Buy 1day Data Pass'.

If I’ve reached my daily Fair Usage Quota, can I still do data roaming without any additional charges?
Yes. You can still continue browsing without any data charges even though you have reached your fair usage quota before time expiry of the pass. However, your internet usage

How many Data Roam Pass/ Data TopUp can I buy at one time?
There is no limit to the number of passes you can buy; the pass(es) are stackable i.e. you can buy as many even before the fair usage quota expires.

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