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Experience an easy and
convenient way to manage
your SMS!

A new way to handle your SMS.

Experience a complete SMS messaging now!

With Message Plus, you can now automate replies to the SMS you received, blacklist SMS from selected numbers,
and forward copies of incoming SMS to other mobile numbers or emails of your choice.


Personalise an auto-reply to any SMS sender with Hotlink/Maxis number.*

*SMS charges apply.


Blacklist unwanted SMS from Hotlink/Maxis numbers.

Copy & Forward

Forward copies of incoming SMS to a list of mobile numbers or emails of your choice.


2 easy ways to subscribe to Message Plus:

Step 1:
Dial *100# and select
'My Account & Others'.

Step 2:
Select 'Xtra Services'.

Step 3: 
Select 'Message Plus'.

Step 4: 
Select 'Subscribe' & you're all set!

Step 1:

SMS 'REG' to 21000.

Step 2:

Receive a confirmation
SMS & you're all set!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any charge to use the service?
Yes, there is a weekly subscription of RM0.50 per week.

Can Auto Reply be sent to a non-Maxis/Hotlink subscriber?
No, it can only be sent to Maxis/Hotlink subscriber and will only work when the SMS received is from a Maxis/Hotlink number.

Is there a character limitation for Auto Reply?
Yes, the message can only support 160 characters. If the message text is not define, there will be a default message for the Auto Reply. Default message: i.e. " Sorry, I am busy at the moment. Do contact me later. Thanks" 

What can Blacklist do?

  • Enable user to block other Maxis subscriber from sending SMS to him/her
  • Can only block Maxis number
  • Unable block any AlphaNumeric shortcode (i.e. ASTRO, HOTLINK, MAXIS) & International numbers

Is there a maximum number to be blocked?
Maximum of 10 phone numbers can be blacklisted. Should user reached the 10th number, user need to modify/ delete the current numbers to add any new ones