Hotlink app - Top-up & Data Pass Purchase


Can I top-up and purchase mobile internet passes via the app?

Yes you can top up and purchase the mobile internet passes listed in the app.


Can I top-up a Hot Ticket via the app?

Yes you can purchase Hot Ticket from Hotlink app.


I noticed that you have the Maxis Pay service as an option for me to top-up. How secure is the service?

Maxis Pay is a secure payment gateway. You will be able to TOP UP via your VISA and MASTERCARD debit and credit cards.


Can I purchase multiple mobile internet passes at any given time?

Mobile internet passes can be purchased according to the terms and condition of the product.


May I know if the credit balance/data usage info on the app is accurate?

Yes it is. However, if you experience a delay, please select the refresh icon to force a refresh if you need to know the current status.