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Jaringan Prihatin | Up to RM300 subsidy + FREE 60GB/mth

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Maxis TV - General

What is Maxis TV?
Maxis TV (previously known as TVNow) offers subscrption for TV shows, dramas and movies on-the-go from various video streaming providers.

To know more about each of the video streaming service providers, kindly visit their official websites at:

What are the available passes?
Maxis TV offers:
i) one-time pass with mobile data

  • 1-day access + 3GB at RM3
  • 7-day access + 5GB at RM7
  • 30-day access + 10GB at RM 15 or RM9.99 dependent on the partner

ii) Monthly renewal pass without mobile data

  • 30-day access + 10GB

Note: Availability of 1-day, 7-day, 30-day passes varies for each of the video streaming Content Providers, e.g. Viu offers 30-day passes while iflix offers 1-day, 7-day and 30-day passes

What are the major benefits of subscribing to Maxis TV from Hotlink?
You enjoy the convenience of buying one-time or monthly renewal pass with Hotlink credit or Maxis Billing, applicable for selected video streaming service providers. Apart from that, you can watch movies, dramas and TV shows on-the-go anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Who is eligible to purchase Maxis TV pass?
All Postpaid subscribers excluding MaxisONE Home Fibre.
All Hotlink and Hotlink Postpaid subscribers excluding Hotlink Tourist SIM.

How do I subscribe to the passes?
You can purchase one-time pass and selected monthly renewal pass on hotlink.com.my/maxistv, Hotlink app or Hotlink Postpaid app.
Alternately, you can subscribe to monthly renewal pass at the service providers' website.

I have subscribed to Monthly Recurring Pass.
My monthly subscription failed to renew due to insufficient credit. Can it be renewed after I reactivate my line?

Please ensure you have sufficient balance and re-subscribe the monthly renewal pass.

I have subscribed to One Time Pass - 1-day Pass @ RM3 + 3GB. How can I check my data usages?
You can check your data usages on Hotlink app and Hotlink Postpaid app.

How do I enjoy the content service after purchasing the passes?
After the purchased passes is activated via Hotlink RED App, Hotlink Flex App or Hotlink website, go to "Manage Subscription" and click on "Watch Now" to start streaming.
Alternately, you can enjoy video streaming via Content Provider's app or website.

I have purchased the monthly iflix subscription. Can I watch this on TV?
You can enjoy streaming on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops. Streaming on TV is also available for selected Content Providers.

Can I use this Maxis TV service while I’m overseas?
Sorry, you cannot use Maxis TV service when you are overseas.

Can I use data for Maxis TV pass for other usages? For example, I have purchased Viu's 30-day pass with 10GB data. Can I use the 10GB data for other usages besides Viu?
The data given is meant for the specific Content Provider's streaming usage only.

What will happen when my Maxis TV data quota has been completely utilized?
Upon full utilization of the data quota, all subsequent streaming usage will be drawn from your existing mobile internet plan.

Can I purchase another one-time pass if my Maxis TV data quota has depleted?
For example, I have fully utilized my 30-day 10GB data for Iflix, can i purchase another 1-day or 7-day pass for Iflix?
For the remaining period of your access, you may enjoy video streaming with the data from your existing mobile internet pass.
For the remaining period of your access, you may enjoy video streaming with the data from your existing mobile internet pass.

Can I purchase multiple one-time passes at the same time?
For example, I have an existing iflix 7-day pass. can I still purchase 30-day pass?

You can only subscribe to 1 pass at a time. You can purchase a new pass upon expiry of the previous subscription.

Can I purchase one-time pass from Maxis and monthly renewal pass via Content Provider at the same time?
For example, I have purchased iflix 7-day pass. Can I still subscribed to monthly renewal pass which is available in iflix app/web?

You will need to cancel your existing auto-renewal monthly subscription first. You can only then purchase the 1 time subscription after the previous auto-renewal monthly subscription expires.
On top of that, stacking of one-time pass is not allowed i.e. you will not be able to purchase ifix 7-day pass when the 30-day pass is still active.

Can I have a 7-day pass for both iflix and Mubi?
Yes, you can purchase 1-day, 7-day and 30-day pass from different Content Providers at one time.

Can I purchase one-time pass after I have fully utilized mobile data for monthly renewal pass?
Yes, You can. However, stacking of one-time pass is not allowed.

Can I purchase multiple monthly renewal pass within the free trial period?

You will able to purchase multiple pass from different partner but not from the same partner.
Stacking of Montly Renewal pass from the same Content Provider is not allowed.

Why I get free trial on monthly renewal pass but not one-time pass?

The free trial pass is only available on monthly renewal pass.

Will I be notified once the free trial ended?
Yes, you will receive a SMS reminder before your trial ends.

I have converted from Prepaid to Postpaid, would the free trial carry over to new Postpaid plan?

Your free trial pass will be terminated. You may subscribe to the monthly renewal pass after converted to Postpaid.

I have subscribed to one-time pass earlier, am I eligible for free trial if I subscribed to monthly renewal pass now?
Only new subscribers for monthly renewal pass enjoy free trial pass. At the moment, only VIU offers free trial pass.

What is the difference between monthly renewal pass from Maxis and via Content Provider?
Maxis offers monthly renewal pass with premium access to content services and mobile data. Offer via Content Provider only provides premium access.

I have subscribed monthly renewal pass from VIU app, how can I change my current subscription to the monthly renewal pass with data now?
You can unsubscribe monthly renewal pass from VIU app, upon the expiry of the current subscription, you may subscribe monthly renewal pass with mobile data from Maxis app or website.

Is auto-renewal pass activated automatically every month?
Yes, you wiill receive SMS notification after succesful renewal. The charge will be reflected in your e-statement.

I have an existing subscription with one of the video streaming Content Providers via credit card. Can I convert this subscription to be billed to my Hotlink credit or Maxis Billing?
Change of billing option is not allowed. However, you may cancel your subscription via credit card from the content provider's app or website and add a new subscription by selecting Maxis Billing as your preferred billing option.

What is the validity of the pass?
The pass validity varies according to the pass. You may check your subscription status on Hotlink app, Hotlink Postpaid app and Hotlink Website.

How do I unsubscribe to the one-time pass/ Monthly Pass?
One-time pass will expire automatically after validity hence unsubscription is not required.
For monthly renewal pass, you can manage your subscription on Hotlink app, Hotlink Postpaid app and Hotlink Website or Service Provider's app/web.

Why is Maxis no longer offering YuppTV anymore?
YuppTV will no longer be part of Maxis TV offering. All YuppTV subscribers are recommended to subscribe to YuppTV at yupptv.com and charge to their credit or debit card with a seamless experience.

How do I subscribe to YuppTV and charge the subscription to my Maxis bill/ Hotlink credit?
It is very simple, just go to yupptv.com, and log in or sign up for a YuppTV account and do the following:-

  1. Go to Packages
  2. Select one of the packages
  3. Click on Proceed To Pay
  4. Payment through your credit/ debit card
  5. You will receive an SMS confirmation on your successful subscription.

I am an existing YuppTV subscriber, what will happen to my subscription?
You may use the YuppTV service till the end of your subscription. Upon the expiry of the service, you may re-subscribe directly at YuppTV.com using your existing YuppTV login credential.

Why can’t you migrate me to YuppTV directly? Why do I need to subscribe again?
We are not able to migrate Maxis subscribers to YuppTV. Customers may re-subscribe to YuppTV at yupptv.com and accept the respective T&C and pricing, to continue enjoying the service.