Get a brand new
smartphone from RM1
with Hotlink Postpaid Flex!

Hotlink Postpaid Flex
is a postpaid plan made easy for you:

Easy to own a new smartphone from RM1

Stylish and powerful devices at the lowest price in town!

Easy to get Unlimited Internet, Calls and SMS

Scroll, tweet and share all day (and night) long. Text and call anyone in Malaysia for free!

Easy to be on the No.1 4G network

Ditch the lag and loading time. Get on the fastest and widest 4G network and enjoy your favourite things online seamlessly.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I get by signing up with the new Hotlink Postpaid Flex?
Hotlink Postpaid Flex combines the best of Hotlink Prepaid with the convenience of Postpaid.

You will enjoy:

  • Unlimited calls and SMS
  • Worry-free Internet usage with NO pay-per-use charges
  • Unlimited Internet for your favourite apps 

Can I change my rate plan after I have subscribed to Hotlink Postpaid Flex?
Yes, you can change or upgrade to any other Maxis Postpaid Plans

If I sign up for Hotlink Postpaid Flex, am I entitled to a supplementary line?
No. There are no supplementary line plans for Hotlink Postpaid.

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