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Terms & Conditions

HotlinkMU - Terms & Conditions

Version date: 22nd June 2022

  1. HotlinkMU deals are available and applicable for all Hotlink plans, excluding Hotlink Tourist SIM and Hotlink Postpaid.
  2. HotlinkMU deals are personalized offers based on the customer’s usage and as such, the HotlinkMU deals may differ from individual to individual.
  3. HotlinkMU deals are offered on a daily basis, and will only be valid for the day. For clarity, the HotlinkMU deals offered may differ from day to day.
  4. Domestic voice calls under the HotlinkMU deals are charged based on 60-second block.

    1. HotlinkMU Top Up offers Hotlink customer up to THREE (3) daily top up offers that comes with rewards. In order to receive HotlinkMU Top Up rewards, customers need to perform prepaid top up according to top up offer provided via Hotlink app or UMB *100# in a day to be eligible for the HotlinkMU Top Up rewards.
    2. HotlinkMU Top Up is available and applicable for all Hotlink plans, excluding Hotlink Tourist SIM and Hotlink Postpaid.
    3. HotlinkMU Top Up is offer via Hotlink app or UMB *100#.
    4. Offers or rewards of HotlinkMU Top Up are based on the customer’s top up behaviour and as such, every customer will receive different and more than one (1) or none HotlinkMU Top Up offers everyday but can only accept ONE (1) of the HotlinkMU Top Up every day.
    5. To be eligible to receive the rewards, customer is required to top up according to the qualifying HotlinkMU Top Up amount by 11.59pm (on the acceptance day).
    6. Rewards will be fulfilled automatically within 60 minutes after the HotlinkMU Top Up amount is performed.
    7. Only ONE (1) Hotlink reward will be granted per day for every qualifying HotlinkMU Top Up.
    8. The reward will be granted in the form of:
      1. credit (in Ringgit Malaysia); OR
      2. mobile internet (GB); OR
      3. domestic voice call (mins).
    9. Share A Top Up, Ask A Top Up and SOS Top Up are not eligible for HotlinkMU Top Up rewards.